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Name: CNC1000
Mini-CNC cutting machine
The CNC-1000W Mini-cutting machine is same as the gantry big CNC cutting machine. It can cut kinds of complex plane shapes. And it adopts the oxygen gas flame cutting machine and plasma cutting machine. The CNC-1000W mini-cutting machine is very convenient and also can be moved anytime. Save the useful space.
The character has small volume and anti-jamming. The machine has simple programmer. The documents keeping and taking are also very agile. The operation is simple and convenient. And also it has the dynamic and static state shape processing showing.
Products features:
Small volume and anti interference
Simple programmed jacking.
Convenient file access.
Simple and convenient operation.
Dynamic/static graphic processing display.
Main technical parameter
Effective cutting range: 10001500mm
Maximum freewheeling speed: 3000mm/min
Cutting speed: 50-2000mm
Cutting thickness: flame: 5-150mm
Depends on magnitude of customer plasma power supply
Operating voltage: AC220V
External dimensions: 16002050350
Body dead weight: 55Kg.


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