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    Name: Welding manipulator

    welding manipulators

    We produce kinds of welding manipulator. As per the valid stroke of beam up & down, valid stretching stroke and load, there are light type, medium type, heavy type and super heavy type; as per the precision of guide rail, there are straight guide rail type, V guide rail type, quadrate type; as per the structure, there are cross manipulator, side guide manipulator, gantry manipulator, single cantilever manipulator. According to the customer`s request, we would provide manned platform, beam traveling trolley, column ladder and other equipments.

    Welding manipulator is the core of welding center, it is composed of column, beam, lift mechanism, control system, welding system and lock mechanism, control system, welding system and lock mechanism, traveling trolley mechanism, rotation mechanism. There into, rotation mechanism, lock mechanism and traveling trolley mechanism are the options of the whole equipments. Customer may choose proper equipments as per the workpiece.

    Column and beam adopt high quality steel structure with good rigidity. Both of column and beam are rectangle structure. The guide rail is manufactured by Q235/45 Steel. During welding, the beam traveling is stable and there is no tremble that would influence the welding performance.

    The beam up and down, stretching, column motorized rotation and traveling trolley adopt imported international famous AC transducer to adjust speed which would realize step-less adjusting, digital display, and the parameters can be preset. The transducer has emergency stop, over current, over voltage and over moment protection.

    Column rotation adopts high precision rotation bearing which is high precision, smart rotation to assure the convenient operation. Welding head is small distortion while the beam stretching. The column rotation has two modes: manual and motorized. It can be locked by manual or pneumatic to assure the safety.

    Anti-device has been installed on the beam. When accident happens, it will start automatically and immediately to avoid the beam drop. It highly increases the safety of working environment.

    The manipulator can integrate TIG, MIG/MAG, PAW, SAW and other welding method.

    Traveling trolley adopts standard steel rail as the traveling rail. Trolley has two modes: traveling by manual and traveling by motorized control. There is the break system in the operating system and rail nip kit between the trolley and the rail in order to assure the safe operation.

    The manned platform can be traveling with the beam.

    The manipulator has the synchronized connection with the welding turning rolls, welding positioner and other assistant welding equipment made by us. The remote control pendant of manipulator can control start/stop, and speed of positioner and turning rolls.

    If adopting PLC controller, the manipulator can control arc length controller, TIG wire feeding unit, and welding seam tracking system.

    This series of welding manipulator is pressed into shape by means of large CNC equipments, tempered post welding, and painted after shot blasting, with advantages of reasonable structure, high strength and good rigidity. Also linear ball-bearing guide way can be selected according to customer requirement.

    We can provide the whole set of welding center for worldwide customer with high quality and good service, which is designed, manufactured, installed by ourselves. The entire machine is of fit-up structure, of which applications and performance can be expanded according to customer choice.

    Standard collocation:
    The standard collocation includes fixed type column without rotation mechanism, beam, triangle,

    The rectangular guiding rail width of column and boom(mm) 25 35 60 75
    Lifting stroke(m) 1-3 2-5 2-8 2-13
    Retracting stroke(m) 1-3.5 2-5 2-8 2-13
    Lifting speed(mm/min) 450 600 800 800
    Min.height under boom(A)(mm) 300 400 450 600
    Min. distance from column center to the front end of the boom(B)(mm) 500 1000 1000 1000
    Retracting speed(mm/min) 100-1500 100-1500 100-1500 100-1500
    Column revolving(Angle) 1800 1800 1800 1800
    Speed(rpm) By manual 0.11/by manual 0.11/by manual 0.11/by manual
    Trolley traveling speeding(mm/min) Traveling by manual 2000 2000 1000
    Height of trolley(mm) 300 440 440 440
    Span of trolley rain(mm) 1200 1500 2000 2500
    Remark: we can manufacture specially 800Kg welding head of the heavy type manipulator.
    The parameters determined according to the specific requirement of users.

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