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    Name: Heave duty H beam production line
    H beam production line:
    this production line is developed on the base of the former common H beam production line, equipped with proper accessory equipments such as 900 hydraulic turning-over frame, 450 hydraulic turning-over frame, parallel steel conveyer, chain turning-over machine and roller transmission etc. it realized semi-automatic producing procedure of H beam. Except cutting lay-off and exchanging procedure of T type steel assembling and straightening of wing plates, the whole process doesnĄ¯t need hoisting. It greatly improves the producing efficiency and reduces the work intensity. This line also has the advantages such as being of good equipment and reasonable flow layout etc.
    The conveyer turning-over machine can manage parallel conveying and 3600 turning over of the workpieces. It operates conveniently, safely and durably. The maximum hoisting capacity is 20, 10 and 5tons, which is optional choice. The 900 and 450 turning-over rack adopt hydraulic throttle synchronization turning-over and mechanic orientation. Steel conveyer mainly has two functions of moving and lifting. There are carrying capacity of 8 and 10 tons for choice when hydraulic pressure elevating.

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