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    Name: Portable gas cutting machine(CG1-28)
    gas cutting machine
    This machine employing medium-pressure fuel gas and high-pressure oxygen is a multi-prose cutting machine. Not only suitable used in the main for straight-line cutting of steel plates with thickness over 8mm, but also used for circular cutting over 200mm, bevel cutting as well as V-shape cutting. If equipped with special attachments, the machine, the machine may be used for flame quenching and plastic welding by taking use of it drive. The surface finish of the edges cut by this machine may be up to 12.5, which needs no further cutting processes under general circumstances.
    This machine features compact construction, easy and safe operation, and short non-working time. thus yielding better economic results. It is recommended for use in ship, bridge and heavy machine building industries as well as in metal cutting works of various sizes.
    Main technical parameter
    Overall dimension: 386กม180กม270
    Total weight: 20kgs.
    Weight of machine body: 10kgs.
    Weight of cutting torch: 1.2kgs
    Weight of circle attachment: 0.8kgs
    Weight of cutting nozzle: 0.27kgs.
    Motor: 29W,10V.
    Weight of guide rail: 4.5kgs.
    Cutting thickness: 8-100mm
    Cutting speed: 0-1000mm/min
    Diameter of circle cutting: 200-2000mm
    Main voltage: AC220V
    Rail type: V-shape
    Weight of power cord: 0.7kgs 10m

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